Kipfmueller (kipfmueller) wrote in aphairaisia,

valentine's day poem 2003

I could feel the pain and anguish growing,
for both of us.
I never stopped loving her,
but we both stopped caring,
refusing to seek a middle ground,
and I was under PRESSURE,
the tedium was wearing me apart,
and we both stopped caring.

The only thing I care about,
the look on her face when she was about to orgasm,
the way she breathed,
and those few moments of closeness,
where I was able to find peace.

When she finally decided to go,
that little bit of myself I had to offer,
just wasn't enough to keep her,
so I gave up, I didn't fight her,
I had my breakdown, and I let her go.
Forever, because there is no getting her back.
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