Kipfmueller (kipfmueller) wrote in aphairaisia,

the Adversary arrives at the gateway, from Theshold

The creature collapsed to its knees in the grotto before the fountain. Energy sparked and arced across the surface of it's blackened metallic skin. Its wings collapsed, disintegrating into a halo flash of energy, dissipating into the mists. It dropped its weapon, the baton onto the flagstones.

"Almost," it sighed, a mournful relief of breath it had held for an eternity. It's hands reached up to its neck, releasing glossy talons that clawed into it's metallic skin, digging a tube like vein out of each side of it's jaw. The tubes hissed thick grey smoke that hung like an aura around the creature before melting away into the mist.

The creature bowed it's head and rested itself on one arm as it regained it's composure.

On it's haunches, it placed a taloned hand onto each side of it's gruesome visage. It's sooty black head split along a seam that stretched from just above it's pointed ears, releasing another billow of smoke before cracking and being lifted away in the creatures hands.

The creature placed its helmet, mask, face, on the ground before it, then wiped the semi-translucent mucus from it's face and head.

The being stood, disengaging the seals on it's gauntlets, dropping them to the stone floor. It ran a human finger down the front of its carapace, shucking it's armored torso and arms down to its waist before stepping out of it's exoskeleton, leaving it strewn on the ground behind itself by the portal.

Naked before the radiant fountain, the being stretched it's arms out wide. It's eyes mere black pupils outlined first in green then white flashed with the infinity of the cosmos. It spat. Then asked.


The voice that replied boomed throughout the grotto.

"Because something had to be."
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