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holeinthehead's Journal

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Monday, July 19th, 2004
11:42 pm

We are please to annouce the birth of germancabaret. A fine bouncing baby girl or is it boy? Come join in our love of both the fiction and truth of the German Cabaret. I will be posting this to gothic and historical groups, hoping to get interest.


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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
1:56 pm - to survive....

The fire burned upon the plains under the storm blackened skies.
"Status?!," I commanded and barked at myself, my humble lackey.
"We have virtually depleated the resources available to us here,
and the army soon will march against this place,"
(yes, that would be: I told me........)
It's eyes glared, a flash of brilliance across the spectrum
(It, because that which was once I has reverted to it's most basic form,
the automaton, programed to survive)
"Of course, safe haven has been acquired," It tells me.
I am confused, bewildered, because this thing is planning my life,
telling me the moves to make,
and I recognize the voice, drifting out of my dreams,
lurking behind these eyes, whispering in these moments,
and leading me, but always at the end,
reminding me the Church is dead, and I can never go home.

The fist clenches, chrome skin and iron claws,
on a certain level, it can influence the flow of time and space,
contolling how fast It gets to the future,
but always returning to the same point in the past
the begining, when there is nothing left to alter,
because it hasn't started yet,
but trapped for all eternity in the realized world,
waiting for the precise moment to interfere,
to make the one change It's waited the eternity for,
only to arrive at the end, discover it is the begining,
and try to change history again.
It's my sun, but it rises over red sands, under a dome of crystal

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Friday, March 19th, 2004
6:59 pm

I started two groups, hauntedcity and hauntedsandiego. Both groups are for people interested in ghost and photos of ghost in city landmarks, etc. Please join since I just started both groups today!

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004
10:07 am

hi im new here..i have tons of photos..but i wanted to share one/..cause unfortuantly..i dont know how to do a lj cut..it sucks to be me..

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Monday, January 12th, 2004
2:51 am

0013-2 (12k image)

[Maybe this was a crazy thought, but how about others post?]

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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
1:00 am

lookup (26k image)
look up

Hi, I'm new here.Mainly I will post photos.Yeah.It says in the bio you can post any type of art, but I haven't seen any photos.Maybe it'll be good for a change?

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Monday, November 10th, 2003
12:44 am

For anyone who has a passion or a longing... or at least a curiosity

WOKE: Kindred of Eden

This is a fledgling community, so forgive its lack of entries. With every one of you contributing to enrich it, though, it shall be something great. I promise. So please join, and begin!

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Thursday, October 16th, 2003
7:14 pm - faces

Fingers clawing, my own,
tearing at my jaw-line,
teeth clenched,
visions crashing from my spine through my mind.

The face peels off, my own,
shucking, released from my chin,
pulled off, bloody, discarded, eyes clenched,
fingers groping,
sliding along the face of another mask.

The litter the ground at my feet,
and I know,
only I understand,
that nothing lay beneath

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Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
8:35 am - the Adversary arrives at the gateway, from Theshold

The creature collapsed to its knees in the grotto before the fountain. Energy sparked and arced across the surface of it's blackened metallic skin. Its wings collapsed, disintegrating into a halo flash of energy, dissipating into the mists. It dropped its weapon, the baton onto the flagstones.

"Almost," it sighed, a mournful relief of breath it had held for an eternity. It's hands reached up to its neck, releasing glossy talons that clawed into it's metallic skin, digging a tube like vein out of each side of it's jaw. The tubes hissed thick grey smoke that hung like an aura around the creature before melting away into the mist.

The creature bowed it's head and rested itself on one arm as it regained it's composure.

On it's haunches, it placed a taloned hand onto each side of it's gruesome visage. It's sooty black head split along a seam that stretched from just above it's pointed ears, releasing another billow of smoke before cracking and being lifted away in the creatures hands.

The creature placed its helmet, mask, face, on the ground before it, then wiped the semi-translucent mucus from it's face and head.

The being stood, disengaging the seals on it's gauntlets, dropping them to the stone floor. It ran a human finger down the front of its carapace, shucking it's armored torso and arms down to its waist before stepping out of it's exoskeleton, leaving it strewn on the ground behind itself by the portal.

Naked before the radiant fountain, the being stretched it's arms out wide. It's eyes mere black pupils outlined first in green then white flashed with the infinity of the cosmos. It spat. Then asked.


The voice that replied boomed throughout the grotto.

"Because something had to be."

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Sunday, June 8th, 2003
5:02 pm

I just made a group called sadintellectual. It is, just that. Feeling icky that everything that comes out of your mouth has to be followed by a history lesson? Feeling blue that you read more than other people? This could be your group!

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Friday, May 16th, 2003
3:43 pm - between

between the darkness and the light
I will find myself'
on some whispering dawn,
I will make my home,
amongst the rocks and shoals of dream
but mostly reality,
because experience has taught me that magic rarely works
though a striking bullet generally kills
and there will never be enough fuel to get me to mars.

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Friday, April 4th, 2003
2:43 pm - Why The Damaged Don't Stay!!!

She speaks softly in my ear. Her passion for me is strong, she wants me and I want her. Suddenly, a stern voice speaks up deep within my mind. "She's damaged goods son, She's gonna run the moment she sees the first thing about you that she finds even the slightest bit different from the stuff you've already shown her." I unwillingly accept these words because I now understand that someone has hurt her in the past and she'll probably never recover from this horrible secret thing. I find myself wishing that I could go back to tell her to cover her eyes,, I'm about to have a bad moment, its a perfectly normal thing, and I'm not so and so from the past who hurt you so badly, but sadly, she probably wouldn't hear these things because someone has hurt her in the past and now she can never trust anyone, no matter who, for the rest of her days. And this is why the damaged people don't stay... Its also the reason I'm having such a hard time just being me lately. Perhaps this will stop soon. Maybe in the end it will all be ok..........

current mood: disappointed

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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003
2:24 pm - Guilt, Suspicion, And The Disasterous Consequences Thereof

There are certain moments in life when all that touches one's soul grows thorns and no longer bears the welcoming touch of the familiar. It is during these times that I pray for acid rain and forbidden man-made mist to find it's way to the nostrils of the many bewildered human insects who think that all they have to do to make a difference in the world is spread untrue gossip and cause an unbearable pain in the hearts of those who do not deserve such treatment.

It is at these moments that I wish I could breathe fire and pollute the water-ways of stupidity with a drug called finality. For one to think that the whole of the world cares only for magazines, tv shows, Jerry Springer, fashion, the in crowd, empty calories, fast cars, pretty fucking smiles, walk on bit parts, whatever the fuck it is that you diseased wretches find amusing, is for one to accept that the natural order has never really been a natural ingredient.

The next time someone tells me that their lawn is greener than mine, I swear, I'm gonna pick up their proverbial dog of war and scream "WELL THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD TELL SPOT TO FIND A FUCKING TOILET YOU ASSWIPE" Perhaps then they'll get a glimpse of my suspicion and know that their guilt will soon strangle their skinny little pompous necks.
I once heard that the so-called people in charge are merely just puppets made to hang on hooks in high places. I am beginning to believe this, and I want the names of all the little pussies hiding behind their guilt so that I may finally untangle the heart killing chains of suspicion.

I'll be looking through your trash cans to see how YOU motherfuckers like it.
Now DISAPPEAR!!!!!!!  

current mood: angry

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Thursday, February 13th, 2003
3:37 am - valentine's day poem 2003

I could feel the pain and anguish growing,
for both of us.
I never stopped loving her,
but we both stopped caring,
refusing to seek a middle ground,
and I was under PRESSURE,
the tedium was wearing me apart,
and we both stopped caring.

The only thing I care about,
the look on her face when she was about to orgasm,
the way she breathed,
and those few moments of closeness,
where I was able to find peace.

When she finally decided to go,
that little bit of myself I had to offer,
just wasn't enough to keep her,
so I gave up, I didn't fight her,
I had my breakdown, and I let her go.
Forever, because there is no getting her back.

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Tuesday, February 4th, 2003
1:44 pm

The death of the piano salesman paralyzed. When I said to the angel that I didn't know how to do it. Do it now. She said. Sales people foot in the mouth. Mood stretched over too much clay. The angels I feel sculpting away in the dazing hours of a whiskey soaked, piano cigar night. But the piano salesman is gone.
Floating in a stream nearby, a rabbit. The return from the dark hole blinded and drove it mad. Stumbling through the grass among trees and shrubs of its childhood memories, it died. No cries, no show. Now, it's a floatation device with little buoyancy.

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2:43 am

In the beginning, there was nothing,
but what kind of nothing?
Was there a darkness? or somek ind of solid nothing?
What is that void, or lack of anything that is nothing?
To have nothing, there must've been something,
because nothing is really a kind of something.

Then there was light.

Or, according to theory, sort of;
All the matter of the universe,
compressed into one point,
in a big bang,
which sounds just as unlikely,
but math seems to bear it out.

How many days did it take to create the universe?
How many billions of years?

And the universe is VAST,
add in time travel and parallel realities,
ad infinitum,
and you get into the realm of multiverse,
and being very cosmically small,
how are we supposed to play in it?

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Monday, February 3rd, 2003
12:01 am


I hate that it's got to be this way,
but I know why it's gotta be,
though, I thought I was being taught a lesson,
and now that I think I've learned the answer,
I'm being given no opportunities to show what I've learned
I try and I try,
and still, my efforts amount to less than nothing.

Each time I write it, i learn something new.
There is no magic fix all
there is no cure to what ails me.
Just time,
and the never ending melancholy that invades it.

I miss my family, and she HATES me.

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Thursday, January 23rd, 2003
4:26 am

Disease had a way of putting on a mask.

How handsome it was when the lights were turned down low. The spotlight aimed at the feet, rather than the brain. The edge of the serpent colored carpet was like an ocean on a string. There was caution in the air, fighting the fatal foe of reason. A season like no other, stuck in its dreams, leaves solid in limbo, ears waiting for words never said.
Hard as it is to be trapped in a box, a person remains there.

One with a fickle heart that casts nets from below. Yet more. One with this empty hope of something hidden beyond the rope...one sighing because he doesn't feel like dying...one from the dark past that doesn't make a sound...back further they are many.

Across the cool chrome of that prison lies that sullen feast that creeps in on spider's legs to arrest you. More of your dreams come to detest you. Most of your hopes turn up to molest you.

Sitting on the ground...the mud feels like Heaven and the lure of worms, the stars. No one wonders what you are. There is no ceiling, only the quiet blue of afterthought. Calling to you. Carving those letters into the sand with a forked stick of birch, trying to swallow letters down. It couldn't be more done than this.

Counting money as the snakes come around, living on deaf ears. The shortest straw is most fatal. It feeds the chain reaction like a circuit, like a path of quicksilver to the feet of someone so beautiful it pains you not to touch him. In that light, the red and blue only add to his glory. His sickness. His pain. Swimming about his head like roses made of locusts.

Soon, my arms like endless wires will obey and embrace, only to find the blankets cool in the morning. Yes, he asked. I was helpless to say no, so I came to him in silence not spilling out the memories from my head into his neck.

The skin felt like mine. You could say I was home.

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Friday, January 3rd, 2003
3:14 am

The curves are hard to master. Shadows of hidden flesh, arching under soft amor. Those dancers, limbs entangled, their hair flipping over their heads, making a closed curtain, a curtain to cover their unprotected hearts, a nightfall of security extended. The bells on their feet chime as a warning.

A world formed in the weak eye.

Their paces impacting the mud, that barren tidal wide of hope. Listening with their heads to the ground for the music that silence makes. It was like Love herself had to find a place among the living and not along the perfumed track of ideals. She was all or nothing.

Amongst them was a female in red and a male in blue, as the ocean met the flame, as the cup met fire and the sword climbed into a gentle wave. And from their chance meeting, an oak sprouted up through the purpled mud. Its branches scraped heaven. Its roots climbed into hell.

The knots in the hair of children wove mysteries upon the sand, curled up in joy, secrets held them fast like the softest fur coat, covering their mouths with the word of the land.

We were pleased in the here and now. We gazed into each other's eyes with earned perfection. It was like the first time we ever touched each other's skin, how it burned deep within us and seemed to never end. The residue still resides, dripping through our bones, keeping us young and vitual as the world grows old with those dreamy visions of what is yet to come. Those books tend to yellow and lose my little daydreams, wings of fireflies turn alight. Help me read the curve of the tongue, the fire of the eye, the water of the mouth, the air on the skin, the earthy want...how peaceful it is to be there, restfilled and filled with wonder and disbelief.

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Wednesday, December 18th, 2002
3:13 am

The force-field failed, collapsing in a rainbow of coherent shards of lightning, dissipating in the flash of the nuclear firestorm. Peter felt as if he was standing on the sun as the storm washed over him as he passed through the shock-wave. The surface of his armor blackened and blistered. It held. The gravity compensator kept him from being washed away in the wave of plasma. There was no debris, only an energetic plasma comprised of the free floating particles that had been the deserted city block.
For a moment, Peter had the sensation that he was standing in the eye of a hurricane as an erie stillness felt about him. The world glowed orange. He looked up and saw the murk of nuclear annihilation the dark whorls in the cloud of vapor above him.
"Holy, indeed," spoke the voice of the Adversary in the ear-piece of his helmet. "Restrain the creature."
Peter spun his head and locked the sensors in his visor on where Gabriel had been. "There's no way," he spat and trailed off as he saw the darkened, skeletal creature trying to rise to it's knees exactly where he left it.
The charred skeleton rose to it's feet and immediately started to heal, flesh growing across the bones. Eye sockets formed and its tongue snaked out licking it's lips.
"Restrain the creature." Commanded the crackling static voice of the Adversary, " and take it's sword."
"That's gross!" sneered Peter as he stepped up to the creature and looked into it's eyes as they grew back. He put his hand on the hilt of the creature's sword.
Gabriel wrapped his bony fingers around Peter's wrist and resisted, but the Angel was still little more than just bones.
Peter pushed him down and took his sword.
"Now break it!" crackled the voice of the Adversary.
"Ah, no," replied Peter.

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