Nocturnal Spector (russs) wrote in aphairaisia,
Nocturnal Spector

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Why The Damaged Don't Stay!!!

She speaks softly in my ear. Her passion for me is strong, she wants me and I want her. Suddenly, a stern voice speaks up deep within my mind. "She's damaged goods son, She's gonna run the moment she sees the first thing about you that she finds even the slightest bit different from the stuff you've already shown her." I unwillingly accept these words because I now understand that someone has hurt her in the past and she'll probably never recover from this horrible secret thing. I find myself wishing that I could go back to tell her to cover her eyes,, I'm about to have a bad moment, its a perfectly normal thing, and I'm not so and so from the past who hurt you so badly, but sadly, she probably wouldn't hear these things because someone has hurt her in the past and now she can never trust anyone, no matter who, for the rest of her days. And this is why the damaged people don't stay... Its also the reason I'm having such a hard time just being me lately. Perhaps this will stop soon. Maybe in the end it will all be ok..........
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